Sanrai International

At Sanrai, we are true advocates of innovation in the world of patient care. We connect our clients to patients through our four product divisions. Our products include the proper regulatory approvals – CE mark (European) and/or FDA (USA).

Digital Health

The fundamentals of patient care are changing rapidly in this digital transformational era. Partnering with several digital health technology companies, Sanrai will lead and empower patients with better methods of disease identification, tracking, diagnostic testing, diagnosing and reporting by connecting patients with in-depth knowledge of their conditions, beyond the borders of traditional healthcare.


Home health care is rapidly growing as a chosen way of living especially among the elderly or chronically ill. Healthcare costs are also rising and opportunities to consult with top-tier medical staff comes at a premium.

Sanrai is mastering the art of managing life’s transitions by offering technologies that transmit real-time patient data to centralized locations for medical staff review.

Sanrai Telemedicine

Sanrai Orthopedic care


Capitalize on Sanrai’s ability to competitively place a new or existing product for sufferers of spinal disorders. We have the flexibility to promote multiple complementary or competing discoveries due to our broad international footprint, improving the probability for achieving market success versus launching alone.

Respiratory care

Since 2007, Sanrai specializes in providing oxygen therapy and devices used for chronic lung and other respiratory diseases (COPD), including oxygen concentrators, ventilators and CPAP machines. Elevate your global strategy in this field by leveraging our international geographic coverage, and our sales and distribution platform in this important therapeutic field.

Sanrai respiratory care