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Invest in smarter solutions for your healthcare business. Engage with us to enter a future of connected patient-centric innovation together. We build new pathways for international audiences to access state-of-the-art inventions through strategic inventions that help you maximize results.

Sanrai Sales Force and distribution

Sales Force & 
Distribution Enablement

Whether you have a full direct sales team or wish to employ an external sales force, Sanrai will assist in training and the deployment of your new products. We have a proven track record for finding distribution partners globally, and will complement your existing sales strategy.

Sanrai Telemedicine

Brand Awareness & International Market Advertising

Building an attractive brand for physicians, clinicians and patients is a top priority when introducing new medical discoveries and products to the marketplace. We at Sanrai will help you build your brand presence to tap into markets and find hard-to-reach consumers, growing your market share in foreign markets by driving local purchasing of your product.

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Human Capital Planning

What happens when resources availability limits your ability to grow? Sanrai will help anticipate these events and advise your internal business partners on ways to plan for growth while your product is changing the world of healthcare.

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Operational Effectiveness

Ensuring the right product is in the right place at the right time is just one piece of operations that we assist with. Analyzing optimal physical inventory locations, identifying and partnering with the best suppliers and sub-contractors in your business, are another two areas we can help you build an operationally sound business strategy. This will allow you to avoid many of the pitfalls associated with selling products in international markets.

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Finance & Budgeting

Responsible business leaders rely on strong skilled professionals in Finance and Budgeting to ensure expectations are met within fiscally sound guidelines and with a laser-like focus on fiduciary responsibilities. At Sanrai, we offer significant experience in investment management, new launch budgeting, and cost analysis to assist your CFOs and financial professionals with the best methods to achieve exceptional project and shareholder returns.

Sanrai orthopedics

Local Governance, Regulatory and Insurance Guidance

There is a range of different requirements from regulatory agencies in each country. Sanrai has the on the ground expertise to navigate these challenges to successfully obtain approvals and reimbursement codes in most countries. We provide agents and access to governments to address the challenges of staying compliant as rules and regulations frequently change in locales all across the world.